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February 13, 2006 , 1:45 am

A trecut cam tacut, avand in vedere ca s`a facut tam tam cu HDD`u mort.

A new version of Pure-FTPd is available for testing. The UTF-8 thing is not ready for production yet, only use it for testing, iconv is not used the right way yet.



* Version 1.0.21:
– pure-pw has a new option (-F) to specify the location of the puredb
– –with-rendezvous is now –with-bonjour.
– User names can now be up to 127 characters long by default.
– Compilation with PAM support has been fixed on MacOS X.
– The MySQL PASSWORD() function can now be used with MySQL >= 4.1.
– Logging has now the correct timezone.
– Experimental support for RFC2640 (UTF-8), contributed by Jui-Nan Lin.
– The LDAP schema has been changed: FTPStatus should be a boolean.
– The pid file can now be set for pure-authd and pure-uploadscript.
Contributed by Old Sparky.
– Support for large files is now enabled by default, with no slowdown on

# ps ax | grep pure-ftpd
8749 pts/1 S 0:00 pure-ftpd (SERVER)

Workin’ :)

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