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La Multi Ani Firefox!!!

November 10, 2005 , 4:07 am

Mozilla’s innovative Web browser celebrates its one-year anniversary today

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Nov. 9, 2005 — One year ago today Mozilla rolled out its popular Firefox Web browser. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of thousands of contributors worldwide, Firefox has won the hearts of Web users around the globe.

Firefox has sparked innovation on the Web with its powerful combination of an intuitive and simple user interface and an architecture that supports extensions to the core browser. A continually growing ecosystem of developers and application vendors ensures that Firefox users can customize their Web experience with more than 700 extensions or “add-ons.”

To build on this momentum, Mozilla Corp. is sponsoring Extend Firefox a competition to encourage extension development for the next version of the browser, Firefox 1.5, expected later this year. The Extend Firefox contest will further enrich the Web experience for users as developers release updates to popular extensions and introduce brand new ones.

“Mozilla is ecstatic about the success of Firefox over the past year,” said Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla Corporation. “We applaud the commitment of our global community of open source contributors to the shared goal of making the Web browsing experience better for everyone. We’re excited to share the tremendous results of this ongoing collaboration when we release Firefox 1.5 later this year.”

The Mozilla community is a worldwide network of open source software contributors, including developers, beta testers, designers, writers and end users.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Firefox 1.5 and celebrations yet to come in the New Year.

Unul din cele mai bune lucruri care s-au intamplat webului !
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