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Cpanel 11 Stable intarziat

August 15, 2007 , 10:11 am

Ei bine cum ziceam ca Marti sa fie, uite ca nu fu`. De ce ? De caldura.

STABLE release update
Due to recent issues with local power in Houston, we’ve decided to postpone our release until the extreme heat passes. Our grid was struck by a spike due to hundred degree temperatures today and temperatures are supposed to peak close to one hundred degrees again tomorrow. As temperatures are forecasted to drop to the nineties on Wednesday, we’ve pushed back our release schedule by one day (to 8/15). We want to ensure that we have the capability to have our office running at one hundred percent so we can properly serve our customers through this release cycle. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause.
cPanel Inc.

Acum s`au prins si ei ca iarna nu`i ca vara.

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