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322 Multumim!

May 15, 2007 , 7:59 pm

322 de parlamentari si multi altii pe langa.
Uite ce se scrie in presa internationala:

The phone-in president who needs people power to get his palace back
Mr Basescu and the formidable Justice Minister, Monica Macovei, had been transforming the state prosecution service into an energetic anticorruption force to answer EU criticism that Romania is too open to sleaze. But Ms Macovei was elbowed out of the Government on April 12 and a week later parliamentarians voted by 322 votes to 108 to impeach the President. The Romanian media some of them under the spell of oligarchs who see him as a threat is hostile to him.
Shady dealings
Romania is the most corrupt EU country, according to Transparency International
The security service and ministers were implicated in massive cigarette smuggling racket in 1993. No one was convicted. There was a second similar tobacco scandal in 1998
Ministers, deputies and more than 100 civil servants were accused of illegal property deals 1995, which a parliamentry report ignored
Security service and ministers were involved in breaking UN sanctions against the former Yugoslavia
Dacia-Felix Bank, heavilly backed by politicians who shielded its incompetence, goes broke
National Investment Fund, managed by ex-Securitate spies, collapses 2000. Only three executives jailed, six years later

Full story

Asta daca nu erati lamuriti cum sa votati…

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